Dein Footprint

You are cordially invited to our one day group exhibition:   

Dein Footprint
Heizkraftwerk Steglitz
Birkbuschstr. 40 12167 Berlin
June 14th
12 until 8 p.m

The thermal power station in Steglitz, built in 1910, is blown over by wild plants. Four artists are looking for the tracts that reunite nature with the postindustrial society. In her sculptural work, the artist Maria Jooyoung opposes mass production in a wild animalistic way.  Philipp Dachsels paintings humorously distances itself from the learned reality, turning upside down botanical drawings, news photos and personal memories. The handcrafted aerial point of view from landscapes and the city of Berlin in Paula Carralero Bierzynskas reverse glass paintings exposes the contemporary view of satellites, which perceive us and our environment as data. Lukas Liese transfers ways of digital communication and behavior in social networks in stone reliefs creating a tension between archaic material and current content.

Corona rules will, of course, be respected. A limited amount of visitors will be allowed to enter the space at once, but you can have a drink or eat something in the garden while you are waiting.

Everyone will be asked to keep the distance, to practice good coughing and sneezing etiquette, wear a mask inside the space and wash their hands in advance. See you there! 

Paula Carralero Bierzynska

Philipp Dachsel 

Maria Jooyoung

Lukas Liese