The combined heat and power station on the outskirts of Berlin was built in 1910 by Hans Heinrich Müller for the municipality of Steglitz. Its history reflects the political events of the city: first it was connected to the public power supply of Greater Berlin, in 1952 it was separated from the Berlin power grid and subsequently served West Berlin, and in the 1990s, it was re-integrated into the national power grid. Today, it is largely disused and belongs to a real estate fund from Luxembourg. It is a listed building and was used as a backdrop for film and shooting. Some artists, including myself, had their studios there until the building went bankrupt and we were forced to leave. Not found  deals with the state of this building before it fell into disrepair. The series of paintings was made in one day sessions during the lockdown on the site. I used glass as an observation tool: I painted what I saw through it when the movie workers were dismounting the scenario. This creates distortions that only can take place through the human eye and questioned my own perception.

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