In the financial city of Banco Santander in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) there is a collection of olive trees which were replanted from different places of the mediterranean sea.  “Paradise Lost” is painted from natural sketches and satellite images showing  aerial views of these olive trees and other monocultures that define the contemporary landscape, like pines or oil palms. In contrast to mass production of data by satellites, in the paintings each tree is a unique and unrepeatable variation. In the last painting of the series,  “Spring”, different kinds of relationship between nature and technology, the living and the dead, are suggested.  On the isle Hallig Nordstrandischmoor in the North Sea, which will soon be flooded, a type of grass grows adapting  to the salty soil. “You live in interesting times” is painted by glazes, vegetation and water overlap. The spectator is reflected on the black displays of the phones. On one of them, the painter appears with a mask.

The “Triptych of the retouch”is based on a 3D digital model that recreates an aerial view of the building of Nuevos Ministerios and the viaduct Eduardo Dato in Madrid. In the triptych some people and machines transform  the space by painting. In the format of an enlarged mobile phone displays, the triptych transforms the individual experience of watching the phone into a collective experience. The point of view moves further away from the earth in each panel. Different gadgets, like the phone on the central panel, relate fragments of the panels from new perspectives. 

Heilstätte Grabowsee was a sanatorium in Brandenburg, where patients suffering from tuberculosis were attended. It was later used as a soviet military hospital. The five paintings of the series were painted directly at the place.  The abandoned buildings are being taken over by the nature surrounding it, which makes it difficult to differentiate the outside and the inner room. The paintings speak about mysterious natural forces, about our fragility and the fragility of its material (glass). Some parts of it are painted with a very transparent layer, which allows us to see through.

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Diese Arbeit wurde von Stiftung Kunstfonds Neustart Kultur gefördert