They belong to different generations and have different professions and roles within the Berlin art world (curators, artists, assistants, art historians…). They also have different relationships to their workspace: some work outside, some in their flat, while others rent a studio or have their own project space.  Workplace is a series of paintings on organza silk in which I painted acquaintances of mine who work in the art world in their own work space.

I stretched transparent organza silk on stretcher frames. Then I transported them to each workspace, and in a tripod built by myself, I painted what I could see through the organza silk. The portrayed person was able to see the process development on the other side. This created a certain perspective, the curvilinear perspective. In contrast to the linear perspective, the lines at the edge of the picture become slightly round, as if we were looking into a sphere. The picture field is more open.  It is therefore reminiscent of the way we perceive the world through our eyes, which have a concave anatomy.

Oil and Pigments on Organza Silk


57 x 43 cm

gefördert von Stiftung Kunstfonds, Neustart Kultur

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