watercolour on reverse of phone display

different sizes 

In the Ore mountains rare soils are extracted, which are used for the production of phones and other technological gadgets. This reflects on one aspect which is not taken into consideration in the digital transition: the use of mineral resources and the quick waste of technological gadgets. Mobile phones accumulate materials and rare soils that come from all over the world and come along with processes that are damaging to the environment.  

In the Work Diary, a series of reverse glass painting,  I want to oppose that, while painting  eine Serie von Hinterglasmalereien,  diary observations of natural elements and abandoned buildings in Chemnitz behind recycled phone displays.  That opposes the mechanical working of the phones. The paintings  rehabilitate broken smartphone displays that come from repair shops.  During the process I observe the image directly through the phone’s displays and cover it with watercolour until it disappears.  Every display is provided with the exact coordinate of where it was painted. Like the ecosystems, each model of the displays will disappear in the future and be replaced by another one, because of this artistic research, a kind of archaeology of the medium. 

The abandoned factory in Chemnitz, that I painted, shows us another time, a transition, in the world as we know it right now, with digitalisation and the transformations coming along with it: mobile working forces, homeworking, the relocation of factories in other countries etc. The work Diary reflects on an utopie: a possible circular economy, where the trash (phone displays) have a new valieu through painting it. The nature which conquers the buildings shows us a process of healing where the ecosystems reach more balance.  Abandoned buildings, lead times, a lapsus, before all begins again. 

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